Where are your 3D Pop Up cards made?
Vietnam and Germany have a rich history of paper cutting and are home to finest paper craftspeople in the world. We create our cards in Ho-Chi-Minh City and in Germany. Mr. Hai Huynh and Ms. Thu Bui founded Vietbiz SEIT Co., Ltd in Germany where they attended graduate University of applied sciences. After that Mr. Hai Huynh returned to open the facility in Vietnam where they initially fell in love with this amazing craft. We’re growing rapidly and now proudly employ almost 50 of the finest paper craftspeople in the world.

How do you guys make these amazing 3D cards?

We develop our designs in state of the art engineering software, cut the paper with precision laser cutters, and assemble every card by hand. After that, these amazing cards are checked their quality before delivery to our customers.

How do I get these cards in my store?

By now, the only question that you have left is “how do I get these cards in my store?” Luckily for you, this is the easiest question to answer. Just follow the link above to give us some information about your situation so we can contact you and get you popping!